Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Right, that’s it, I’ve had enough of the snow.  The novelty has well and truly worn off.

I’m fed up of walking like a cross between an Emperor Penguin and John Wayne – is that a Duke Penguin?!

What was deep ‘n’ crisp ‘n’ even is now murky grey sludge where it’s melted by the roadside.  It’s not pleasant to look at.

The children have had their fun, there’s been snowball fights and sledging – including the obligatory trips to the Minor Injuries Unit for some – so now please snow, go away, and don’t come back until next January (if at all, I really don’t mind, I prefer more temperate climes).

The only upside to this horrendous weather we’ve been having (floods, followed by deep freeze) is that I’ve had good use of the Wellibobs I purchased last November.

For the uninitiated, Wellibobs are ankle height wellies from Joules, like Jodhpur boots, faux-fur lined and, in my case, brown with pictures of dogs on them (and no, I’m not being sponsored before you ask).

They’ve been fantastic, so much so I feel I may have to have them surgically removed if we ever get sunshine again and I feel the need to don a less waterproof shoe.

I just wish they still made them for children – they used to, as my daughter had a pair which she practically lived in until she outgrew them.  They were so handy for the walk to school.  Come on Joules, please do them for little people again!

Update - I've just been told that Joules are doing Wellibobs for children again - yippee!  I'm not sure that they're faux-fur-lined though, you may have to wear an extra pair of socks!!

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