Saturday, 5 January 2013

I have to report I’m suffering from NWS.  It started about mid-December and I’m hoping it will end about mid-January.  How do I know this?  Because NWS stands for ‘Neighbours Withdrawal Symptoms’.

Yes, it may be a bit sad to admit it, but I still watch the Aussie soap every day and I’m suffering now it’s on its month long Christmas break.  I started watching it in the late 80s, and save a brief hiatus when I didn’t have a video recorder (remember those?!) and wasn’t home from work in time, I’ve pretty much watched it ever since.

Even now when I spot Alan Dale in a US drama (e.g. The OC, Ugly Betty or NCIS) I still exclaim ‘Ooh look it’s Jim Robinson!’  I laughed out loud when Kevin Bacon name-checked Helen Daniels in his recent EE advert and talked about her keeping breaking her hip (although I was laughing with her rather than at her as hip fractures in the elderly are, of course, no laughing matter).

I happily remember the days of Des and Daphne – him the bank manager, her the reformed stripper turned coffee shop manager with a penchant for parrot earrings – the Ramsay family, gossipy Mrs Mangel, Scott and Charlene’s wedding, and the Madge, Harold and Lewis Carpenter love triangle. 

Then of course there’s Karl and Susan, the stalwarts of the show, who keep getting married and divorced again.  Why can’t they make it work?!  We all know they’re meant to be together – and now I’ve read on Digitalspy that they’re bringing back Sarah Beaumont (remember her?  Karl had an affair with her and split up with Susan) as another fly in the Kennedy relationship ointment.

Not only that but Steph’s due to come home from prison, and Mark Brennan’s coming back from the dead – it’s getting a bit ‘Bobby from Dallas’ for my liking!

But I still loyally watch it, with Paul Robinson being the character I love to hate.  He’s so deliciously-evil, he must be a joy for Stefan Dennis to play – and is it just me, or does he look like an older version of Robbie Williams?!  Discuss.

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