Sunday, 20 January 2013

Confession time – I loved the revamped series of ‘Dallas’ and I’m looking forward to it coming back on Tuesday 29th January (Channel Five, 9pm).

I didn’t watch the original series in the 80s – it was past my bedtime – but I do remember the hype surrounding ‘who shot J.R.?’

Larry Hagman’s last scenes as J.R. Ewing are coming up and it will be interesting to see how they handle it.  I hope they do it well, he deserves a good send-off.

The next generation of Ewings, now the main stars of the new series, are cut from the same cloth as J.R. though, so we’re not short of villainous behaviour!  The spirit of J.R. will live on through them, which seems a fitting tribute in itself.

I think fashion could have a bit of a ‘Dallas’ moment.  There seems to be a lot of cowboy-style boots and check shirts about.  Not quite sure Northamptonshire’s ready to don Stetsons yet, but you never know...

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