Monday, 14 January 2013

Don’t you just love Adele?  There she is at the Golden Globes exclaiming that she didn’t think she’d win, she’d just come for a good night out!

Down to earth and as British as a cup of builder’s tea, you’ve got to admire the girl’s spirit.

It’s no wonder that her albums sell by the shed-load and she’s got more awards than she probably has mantelpiece space for.

That voice is simply amazing.  I’ve found myself singing ‘Skyfall’ for most of the day, albeit far less tunefully than she does!

Let’s face it, we also love her because she looks like she enjoys life – she’s always smiling and laughing.  She seems to be the sort of celebrity who’d actually be a nice person in real life and a good laugh.

Well done Adele for flying the flag for us Brits!  Hope you win the Academy Award as well.

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