Monday, 7 January 2013

A friend:     So, I read your blog.  It’s quite good I suppose.

Me:             Thanks (I think).

A friend:     But I don’t get the name.  That’s not your real name.

Me:             No, I write under a pseudonym.

A friend:     Yeah, but why Helen Bach?

Me:             Well, it’s a joke isn’t it?

A friend:     But it’s not very funny.

Me:             It’s like those names they do on Ken Bruce’s show on Radio
Two, you know, for example Eileen Dover, Elaine Closed or Annette Curtain.

A friend:     So what’s Helen Bach?

Me:             I took it from the Wham song.

A friend:     What, ‘Last Christmas’?

Me:             No, ‘Freedom’.  It goes (singing) ‘you could drag me to
Helen Bach just as long as we’re together...’

A friend:     So you’ve given yourself a ‘comedy’ name from a Wham song.  Is that really the sort of level you’re pitching at?

Me:             Um, yes, it is actually.  It amused me anyway.

So that’s how I got my blogger name, in case you were interested, which you probably weren’t.  I’m off to listen to Wham’s greatest hits.  Back soon (sorry George)!

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