Tuesday, 15 January 2013

I’m not sure what we’d talk about if we lived in Spain, when most days are ‘scorchio’.  It seems every news bulletin has included minute by minute reports on where the snow is and how well we’re coping with it.

I watched Look East last night – Stuart White was standing near a roundabout on the A11 discussing the weather and the traffic.  It seemed slightly unnecessary to me as we all have a good idea of what snow and roads look like, but at least they hadn’t sent the lady presenter (Amelia Reynolds) out in it as she’s heavily pregnant and looks like she could give birth at any moment.

Have you noticed how gleeful the weather forecasters have become now they’ve got some winter conditions to discuss?  They can barely disguise their excitement as they talk about bands of snow, freezing temperatures and wind chill factors.

Then there’s the inevitable pictures sent in by viewers – there seems to be a competition going on for who can construct the biggest snowman, or do they just get smaller people to stand next to it?  Lots of photos of children sledging, on proper sledges mind you, not like in my day when we used old fertilizer sacks to hurtle down the hill in our school playground (how very agricultural, and un-Health and Safety of us!)

Personally, I can’t wait for Spring to come.  I’d gladly hibernate until at least March.  Perhaps in my next life I should come back as a tortoise or a hedgehog – now there’s a thought.

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