Saturday, 13 April 2013

I’ve taken to watching the Great British Sewing Bee.

Initially, the sewing didn’t have much of a draw for me – previous readers will be aware that I’m not very gifted when it comes to practical crafts such as sewing, knitting etc.

I wasn’t sure how Claudia Winkleman would work as a presenter on this format either.

I needn’t have worried.  She’s great – yes, she’s quirky, but you need someone who’s not going to take it too seriously otherwise it would become a bit ‘worthy’.

I like the judges too – although I think Patrick would look better without that beard (please discuss).

Funnily enough – and this is perhaps the mark of a good programme – I actually care about the contestants and the garments they make. 

I like the lady from Birmingham, who tends to laugh when she makes a mistake.  The older lady – who I think they said was 81 – is fantastic and has been making her clothes all her life.

It appears I’m learning something too – I didn’t know what a rolled seam was before; I even found myself commenting on a zip not being concealed correctly on a pair of trousers!

So, the Great British Sewing Bee has been somewhat of a televisual surprise and a delight – a bit like the Great British Bake Off before it.

I’m wondering what the programme makers will come up with next though.  I fear it may be competitive knitting or jam making...

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