Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Chalky - the white stag of Brookfield Plantation - and his Facebook page!

 A deer with a Facebook page?

It could probably only happen here in the UK!

Chalky, a white stag who lives on the Brookfield Plantation on the outskirts of Corby, has indeed got his own dedicated Facebook page called ‘Save Chalky and his Brookfield Plantation friends’.

Why ‘Save Chalky’? you may ask.

Because the Brookfield Plantation is under threat from a ‘resource recovery park’ to accompany a gasification plant.

To create this industrial park, 50 hectares (approx) of trees – home to Chalky and his herd – will be destroyed.

To raise awareness of the cause to save the woodland, this Facebook page was created.

Around 300 local people have also recently held a peaceful demonstration in Corby Town Centre where a petition opposing the development – containing over 1000 names – was delivered to councillors at The Corby Cube.

For further information please visit the website

Or Chalky’s facebook page – ‘Save Chalky and his Brookfield Plantation friends’

Please ‘like’ and ‘share’ and tell all your friends!  Many thanks, Hx

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