Sunday, 14 April 2013

Brookfield Plantation Protest March - update, 14th April

The protest march against the Brookfield Plantation development on Saturday went well.

I’d estimate there were about 300 people there, with all age groups represented.

It was particularly heartening to see lots of families with small children – after all, it’s our children’s futures we are trying to protect.

The sun shone, we waved our placards and the petition containing over 1000 names was presented to the councillors on duty in The Cube.

Media coverage was good – we were the lead item on BBC’s Look East on Saturday evening; the Northants Telegraph had an article and video on its website by lunchtime and I believe we also made the local radio.

On Sunday morning I met a friend of mine from Corby whom I hadn’t seen for a while, and I said to her I’d been on the protest march yesterday.

To my surprise, she hadn’t heard about the march, or the proposed development at Brookfield Plantation, the gasification plant, the loss of trees, the increase in lorry traffic in the town and the other associated issues.

So please keep telling everyone you know in Corby and the surrounding villages about this development, because it appears there are still some people who don’t know about it.

This is an issue which affects EVERYONE in the area – we don’t want Corby turned into the dumping ground of the UK!

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