Saturday, 6 April 2013

Brookfield Plantation development - Protest March, Saturday 13th April, 2013

This may surprise you to know, but before this year, I’d never really been what you’d call ‘politically active’.

I don’t remember ever haven written to my MP or the local paper about anything – I’m certainly not an ‘angry of Tunbridge Wells’ type of person.

Yet, I’ve now done both those things in support of Chalky (the white stag) and his Brookfield Plantation friends.

I’ve never been on a protest march.

That too is set to change when I join the march against the proposed development at Brookfield Plantation.

Taking place on Saturday 13th April, the peaceful protest march will start at 10am from the Connaughty Centre on Cottingham Road in Corby.

It will then proceed to the Corby Cube for the petition containing over 1000 names to be handed in to the councillors.

The marchers have been asked to wear something green if possible – I’d like to think to show solidarity with nature and the protection of green spaces, rather than trying to emulate Kermit the Frog (after all, as he said himself, ‘it’s not easy being green’).

I emphasize it will be a peaceful protest – there will be children and senior citizens in attendance, and none of us want any trouble.

We just want to exercise our democratic right to protest against the gasification plant and associated resource recovery park.

Remember – Save Chalky and his Brookfield Plantation Friends – I think that’s what I’ll put on my placard (if it’ll fit!)

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