Monday, 22 April 2013

Gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digesters – these are words with which I wasn’t familiar until this year.

(In truth, I once had a fleeting knowledge of ‘aerobics’ but that was an exercise class and a long time ago).

What do all the above have in common?  When followed by the word ‘plant’ they process waste.

What’s the significance of this?  Plans for all three of these plants have been proposed for Corby.

Why Corby?  Does Corby really need these?

Does Corby and its surrounding villages produce so much rubbish they need three types of waste plant?!

And, if the plan is to ship stuff in to keep these plants running, ask yourselves why should Corby become the dumping ground of the UK?

It shouldn’t.  That’s why there’s a campaign for Corby to say ‘NO’ to these developments. 

In my opinion, we should be attracting quality industries and good jobs for the town and its people.  We want more companies like Weetabix, Avon, and RS Components to name just a few (the list is for illustrative purposes only, apologies to those I’ve omitted).

Corby, and its people, deserve the best.

The town may have a heavy industrial past – why should it have a waste plant future?

Please join the campaign and say ‘NO’ to waste plants for Corby. 

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