Thursday, 27 October 2016

GBBO 2016 - Let's All Bake On!

Well, that's it then.  Bake Off has finished and Candice is the new champion.

Congratulations to her, she certainly deserved to win, as week after week she produced ever-more elaborate bakes - the detailed recreation of her childhood pub home, complete with sticky carpet, was a particular highlight.

The final was close though, and I thought Andrew might just do it, but unfortunately his sausage rolls let him down.

Sadly it means that it's also time to pack up the fancy Neff ovens, Kitchen Aid mixers, the pots and pans, fold up the tent and the gingham altar of baking perfection and head to Channel Four, with only Mr Hollywood for company from the original line-up.

Since the announcement that Bake Off was leaving its spiritual home on the BBC, I've watched the remainder of the series tinged with more than a little sadness.

Sorry, but it doesn't matter who replaces Dame Mary, Mel and Sue, it just won't be the same.

I may give it a brief look just to confirm my suspicions, but even if they do manage to lure French and Saunders as a swap for Mel and Sue by dangling carrot cake and large sums of cash, I can't see anyone being able to replace Mary.

Mary, the yin to Paul's yang (or vice versa), the voice of calm and reason when all around is collapsing like a soufflé which has had the oven door opened too soon, her gentle words of encouragement and the ability to find something positive to say when, quite frankly, a bake looks like I've made it - who can replicate that?

Maybe Delia, Nigella or even Candice - could they be the answer to Channel Four's Bake Off prayers?  How would they get on with Paul, would there be the same chemistry as he had with Mary? 

I just hope that somebody at the BBC has been smart enough to commission another cooking show with Mary at the helm, ably assisted by Mel and Sue - Let's All Bake On.

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