Thursday, 3 November 2016

Dedicated followers of slipper fashion

Do you ever look at the various fashions highlighted in magazines or in the Sunday supplements and think 'There's no way I'd wear that, people would laugh.'

I only ask because I was flicking through the Sunday paper and there was a feature about the new, latest, most fashionable footwear as seen on the tootsies of such trendsetters as Alexa Chung, one of the Kardashians and that chap who was the Night Manager and who may or may not be the next James Bond, Tom Hiddleston.

They were slippers.  OK, mules, backless slip on shoes - a nightmare for hammer toes I imagine - and apparently the latest 'thing' in which to be seen.

Now, I can't speak for you of course, but I would not be seen outside the confines of my own home in my slippers.

Having said that, my slippers are actually quite 'on-trend' I believe - they are Moshulu ballet pumps in a fetching leopard print.  I used to call them my Bet Lynch slippers, but have re-named them after Theresa May and her penchant for a similarly patterned kitten-heel shoe; I don't think she'll be offended.

But other than running to the washing line if it suddenly starts raining, or popping to the bins armed with my recycling, they don't see the outside world.

I wouldn't even dream of heading out into the street to fetch-in the wheelie bin on collection day wearing them.  In fact, if I see somebody outdoors wearing slippers I assume they've had an in-grown toenail removed or a bunion op and can't wear proper shoes.

Which leads me to wonder, what fashion PR genius persuaded a bunch of celebrities that to be seen out in public wearing what is in effect a leather, fur-lined slipper is the height of sophistication?

Now I've said this, I expect I'll be seeing these shoes, or high-street copies of them, everywhere, and I won't know whether people are keeping up with fashion or simply nursing a painful foot injury!

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