Thursday, 26 November 2015

Accentuate the positive

At times like this, when the world situation looks particularly bleak, you have to try and look for positives.

Remind yourself that there's still a lot of good people working hard to make it a better place.

I was glad to read on the Northants Telegraph website about a nurse from KGH volunteering in a Kenyan orphanage; the friends and family of Cat Anderson fundraising for the brain tumour charity Cat In A Hat; and two businesswomen from Corby who launched a project to raise money for the mental health charity MIND.

Plus many local schools took part in Children in Need, and to date an amazing £37 million has been raised nationally for this great cause.

The Clements Family from Gretton will soon be hosting their annual Christmas light switch-on, fundraising for the Air Ambulance (last year they raised £860).  Just a few local examples of people helping others.

I'm also lucky that I sometimes work with young people.  Their energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious, and it's hard to feel depressed when you're with them.

They make me smile with the things they say.  Here's a recent example:

Young boy to me:  "Do you know what copyright is?"

Me (thinks, don't make it too complicated, give him the facts without too much technical legal jargon):  "Yes, it's when somebody owns the rights to something, like that book you're reading, and you can't copy it without their permission."

Young boy:  "That's not right.  It's dinosaur poo."

Me (thinks) - that's a little harsh, but perhaps it wasn't a great answer.

Young boy (pointing enthusiastically at picture in book):  "Look, here it is, it's fossilised dinosaur poo."

Me (reading book):  "Oh, coprolite, sorry I thought you said something else..."

Young boy:  "You can get DNA from dinosaur poo you know."

Me (genuinely amazed):  "Can you? I didn't know that.  I also didn't know it was called coprolite."

Look for the good, always try to see the bright side.  Sometimes it's hard - a bit like coprolite - but it's worth it.

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