Thursday, 3 December 2015


I love Adele - of all today's modern musicians, she's the one I'd most like to meet and have a drink with in the pub.

She's genuine, warm and funny - who else can you think of that would have donned a prosthetic nose and chin and gone along to an audition as a tribute act for themselves?

In one of the funniest things I've seen lately, there was Adele, standing at the back of a queue of singers waiting to perform on stage as 'Adele'.  She stood nervously backstage with the other contestants, and was the last one to sing.

The look on the other performers' faces was a joy to behold as they realised that their idol was amongst them.  She may not have looked like Adele, but the voice was unmistakable.  If you missed it, it's on BBC iPlayer for about a month and I'm guessing on YouTube for eternity.

It really was one of the best moments on TV recently - which admittedly wasn't hard, as I find it hard to stomach watching celebs eating unmentionables in the Australian bush, no matter how entertaining the commentary by Ant and Dec.

I have to confess to still watching The X Factor - mainly because daughter insists upon it - but I think this series has been very disappointing.  Thank goodness Lauren and Louisa are currently still there, as they are brilliant and deserve success.

As for Reggie and Bollie, they seem to be a barometer for how much alcohol I've consumed.  After two glasses of wine they appear quite amusing, less than that and I'm wondering what on earth's going on with the world and why Seann Miley Moore isn't still in the competition.

The series highlight for me has been Fleur East performing her new single - despite what Chris Evans might think of it - which features on a supermarket's Christmas adverts. 

I wonder if John Lewis might consider Reggie and Bollie for next year's ad - I'm sure they'd be considerably cheaper than the £7 million spent on this year's 'Man on the Moon' offering!

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