Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I'm embracing hygge

I've decided that this year I'm embracing hygge.  But before you all panic and think I'm going to go around bear-hugging people in public places, please be aware that it's not a person, place or thing - it's a concept.

A concept for which I believe we've can thank Denmark, and which we should now import by the bucket-load, especially as the WHO have told us bacon is potentially as deadly as plutonium (that's the World Health Organisation, not Roger Daltrey's band with a similar name, just in case of confusion).

Not that I've ever craved a plutonium and fried egg sandwich on a Saturday morning mind you.  I can't quite look at a full English breakfast in the same way now - I can only assume that black and white pudding and pork pies also feature somewhere on this scale, possibly right up there with 'mushroom' clouds.

Anyway, I digress - back to hygge, pronounced 'hoo-ga', which is the idea that at this time of year you do things which nourish your soul and, roughly translated, it means 'cosiness'.

Hygge encourages you to have a relaxed time with family and friends, and be indulgent and good to yourself, lighting a few candles as you do - although husband probably won't approve of this, he just doesn't 'get' candles. 

Be warned though, cleansing diets and fitness regimes aren't hygge - self-deprivation never made anyone feel cosy and warm inside.  I keep seeing adverts for these, encouraging me to lose weight to get into my little black dress.  No thanks, I'll buy a slightly-bigger black dress if needs be!

Now drinking mulled wine, or hot chocolate with marshmallows, and enjoying some comfort food, whilst toasting your toes in front of a real log fire and reading your favourite book are most certainly hygge.

Wearing an elaborate 'Scandi-style' knitted jumper like Morten Harket did in the 1980s a-ha band pics is strictly optional.  Although I could perhaps be persuaded...


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