Thursday, 5 November 2015

We want plates!

When I eat out I like my food prepared simply, using the best possible fresh local ingredients, served on a plate.

The 'Great British Menu' has a lot to answer for:  eateries take note, people want plates, not boxes, garden spades, miniature picnic benches or flat caps - apart from the difficulty trying to eat from these, how are they properly cleaned afterwards?

Therefore I'm not sure how I feel about a new trend that's taking off in South East Asia (

For they have created food with faces - now I'm not keen on this, I don't want eyes looking up at me from my plate - but more than this, they've moulded it into little cute creatures with even cuter faces.

It's called 'character bento', and is part of the 'kawaii' trend, meaning cuteness, which is seen throughout Japanese popular culture (I guess 'Hello Kitty' falls into this category also).

But it's not for children, in a bid to get them to eat their greens or similar.

No, this is for adults - grown human beings make these little creatures for their packed lunch at work, but photograph them before consumption and put them on social media for the world to see, admire and comment upon.

Now making husband's pack-up falls into the category of household tasks I perform (which is fine by me - I haven't washed a car since I married him).

But I can just imagine his reaction if I constructed him a lunchbox of cute little animals made of rice, vegetables and dough instead of his usual doorstep sandwiches.  I don't think he'd be congratulating me on my creativity and skill!

However, I did see a picture of a pyramid of coloured bread rolls which consisted of four Winnie the Poohs at the bottom, with three Eeyores, two Tiggers and what I can only imagine was meant to be Piglet balanced on the top.

I wondered if this would be a suitably challenging 'Bread Week' task for next year's Great British Bake Off?

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