Sunday, 2 March 2014

Pie in the sky...

I've seen some unusual stories in the press lately.

One involved a lady being buried in a coffin with Costa Coffee's logo emblazoned on the side.

Apparently, this was her favourite coffee shop, and the casket even had her particular choice of beverage inked on - one shot extra hot skinny latte.

That was her wish, so fair enough.

However, I do hope that it doesn't lead to coffins being sponsored by companies, as that would seem a little inappropriate.

But my absolute favourite story had the following headline:

'Wedding brawl started over pork pie'

Yes, I kid you not, this was from The Telegraph on 17th February

To cut a long story short, a wedding reception in Bradford turned nasty when a pork pie was thrown.

The ensuing brawl involved 30 to 40 guests, and the bride's white wedding dress got ruined when someone spilled beer and WKD on it.

Apparently, all's now well and they can have a laugh about it. 

I'm not sure that's how I'd react had it been my wedding, but each to their own as they say.

Now, I like nothing better than a good pork pie, but I'd never get into a fight over one.

But this story also caused me to muse was the fight over the quality of the pork pie?

Did a guest take umbrage at the pie on offer and decide to throw it instead of eat it?

Was it one of those bright pink ones, as opposed to the delicious Melton Mowbray variety?

I'm guessing that's not what the paper intended when they published the story, but I wanted to know more about the manufacturer of said pie.

I'm a Dickinson & Morris purist when it comes to my pork pies.  As I've mentioned previously, pilgrimages are made at Christmas and Easter just to buy them.

I know I'm not alone in this quest, because where I used to work a 'pork pie run' was made on Christmas Eve Eve to Melton Mowbray specifically to secure their purchase.

I can't imagine it was one of theirs involved in this wedding brawl story though - theirs are far too scrummy to be used as a missile.

But before anyone suggests it, I don't want a coffin with a pork pie picture or Dickinson & Morris written on it thanks!

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