Saturday, 1 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day - shamrocks have three leaves ASDA!

I settled down with a cup of tea on Friday night and started flicking through my March copy of ASDA magazine.

There, on page 13, was a St Patrick's Day feature.

Nothing strange there, you might be thinking, as St Patrick's Day is 17th March.

Yet, I couldn't believe my eyes - ASDA have chosen to illustrate their St Patrick's Day advert with four-leaf clovers instead of shamrocks!

Shamrocks have three leaves!

It's a symbol of St Patrick demonstrating the Holy Trinity when he converted the Irish to Christianity - the idea of three-in-one.

Now, I know some of you are perhaps reading this and thinking 'So what'.

But how would you feel if they used a random root vegetable instead of a leek for St David's Day for Wales, a dandelion instead of a thistle for St Andrew's Day in Scotland, or even a red carnation instead of the red rose of England for St George's Day?!

It's not on, is it?

I would have thought with all the marketing that now goes on for St Patrick's Day - thanks to a certain black and white stout beverage - a shamrock would be a familiar sight to most people.

While we're on the topic, perhaps we could celebrate St George's Day in the same way that St Patrick's Day is celebrated?

How about having a Bank Holiday on 23rd April instead of the first Monday in May?

Just a thought...

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