Thursday, 13 March 2014

In praise of the RNLI and Air Ambulances...

The Air Ambulances and the RNLI are life-saving organizations.

They also rely entirely on donations for their existence.

I can never understand this - we're an island nation, yet effectively the emergency service for our coastline is funded by charity.

Similarly the Air Ambulances.  We've heard that there's a 'Golden Hour' which is the important time between an accident happening and treatment being given.

The quicker you get the specialist care, the better your chances of survival and recovery.

The Air Ambulances save lives every day by transporting people to specialist hospitals far quicker than they could get there by road.

Please support them if you are able - they really do a fantastic job, and you never know when you unfortunately might need them.

On this note, on Friday 4th April a group of lads from Gretton Cricket Club are walking from Gretton to Skegness to raise funds for the Leicestershire/Rutland Air Ambulance.

The Air Ambulance came to the rescue of a couple from the village who were injured in a serious road accident near Oakham in December 2013.

The Cricket Club wanted to raise money to say 'thank you' for saving their lives.

The lads taking part - Lee Wright, James Bates, Harry Pavitt, Liam Park, Alan Coleman and Tammy Wright - are planning to walk the 77 mile journey over three days.

If you would like to support them reach their target of raising £1000, please visit or there are sponsorship forms and collection tins in various locations throughout the village (including Gretton Post Office and Stores, Lydia's Coffee Shop, The Blue Bell, The Talbot, and The Hatton Arms).  Thank you.

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