Monday, 27 May 2013

We went to Fineshade woods for a walk this morning.

As is our usual custom, after a nice stroll enjoying the wildlife and sunshine, we paid a visit to the caf√©.

We sat outside on the benches in the courtyard having our drinks and cakes, and we overheard a conversation from some neighbouring tables.

On Table One was a family with a small black dog.  On Table Two was another family with a slightly larger black dog.

Table Two family called over to Table One family ‘What sort of dog is yours?’

‘It’s a Cockerpoo’ said Table One mother, proudly.

My husband looked at me quizzically.  ‘What’s a Cockerpoo?’ he said.  I explained that it was half Cocker Spaniel, half Poodle. 

‘Usen’t we call them mongrels?’ he replied, before returning to his cake.

Then Table One mother announced to the whole courtyard, without realizing the humour in her forthcoming pronouncement, ‘Of course, he’s got a lot more Poo in him than anything else.’

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