Friday, 31 May 2013

Have you ever watched ‘Embarrassing Bodies’?

I’m not what I’d call an avid viewer, but I have been known to tune in from time-to-time.

It never ceases to amaze me that people claim to be too embarrassed to see their GP, but are quite happy to go on national TV to show off their wide range of problems.

In fact, some areas are displayed so graphically that I had to change channels the other night – yes, it was that bad I turned over to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’!

But getting back to ‘Embarrassing Bodies’, I guess if it helps people then it’s a good idea.  There’s doubtless somebody watching at home thinking “it’s not just me then.”

The major incentive must be that the people who do go on the show get specialist treatment quickly, which they’d have had to perhaps wait for on the NHS.

However, no amount of jumping the queue, or even the offer of money, would ever convince me to appear on it.  Sorry Dr Christian!

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