Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I read an article in the paper the other day saying that a woman’s hair is at its best when she’s 29.

Before that, she’s made grave errors in following fashion and copying celebs.

The article stated that at this point in time, she knows what suits her best and has picked the correct style for her face shape, lifestyle etc.

As we get older, hair tends to thin and loses its colour, so 29 is the optimum age apparently.  Great news for those of us for whom that milestone is becoming a distant memory!

This got me thinking about how my hairstyle has changed over the years and the various disasters my mane’s had to encounter.

I had long hair before I started primary school.  Then there was a bout of head-lice – which I fortunately never got, although I know anyone can get them, it’s not about cleanliness etc – so, as a preventative measure, my Mum had my hair cut boyishly-short.

This resulted in the gentleman who collected the trollies in Sainsbury’s saying ‘Mind your back, son’, which did not cheer me up.

Then in the 1980s – the decade of BIG hair, where sales of Elnett must have sky-rocketed – I had a series of perms.  As I naturally have extremely straight hair, the results were, alas, never going to be that successful.

However, this didn’t stop me from clutching my photo of Nicole Kidman and asking the hairdresser for ringlets, like she sported in ‘Dead Calm’ or ‘Days of Thunder’. 

She and I had a similar hair colour at the time – but instead of tumbling pre-Raphaelite locks, I ended up looking like orphan Annie!

Following this, I then embraced the very straight hair, which luckily became fashionable, and I’ve never had to use hair straighteners. 

Similar to Jerry Hall, I’ve now had the same style for over 10 years – she and I must follow that well known saying, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!

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