Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Great British Weather

Yes, after the fabulous Bank Holiday weekend we’ve just had, I’m going to talk about the weather.

Weather is a great leveller – we all have to enjoy it, or suffer it, and have absolutely no control over it.

In fact, like a true Brit, I never tire of talking about it.

Not only do I watch the forecasts on TV, but I check the ten-day forecasts on various websites, comparing them to see which is likely to give me the best result – how daft is that?!

Contrary to popular belief, I’m also pleased to say that I’ve discovered some very interesting facts whilst discussing the weather with people I meet.

An older lady I was chatting to one day about how cold it was (in March) told me that her husband used to say that whatever direction the wind was blowing in on the March equinox, it would stay that way until June.  That’s why we had a late Spring this year, I believe, as the wind was fixed firmly in the East on the day in question.

Another weather-based conversation I had recently led to me discussing the Battle of Britain Memorial flight with the chap who actually flew in the Lancaster – how cool is that?  This gentleman has now achieved hero status in our household.  However, this conversation would probably never have happened if we hadn’t been happily discussing the changeable British climate.

Finally, in weather-related old words of wisdom, my Dad still says ‘Cast not a clout til May is out’ – but this is not something I adhere to strictly, otherwise I’d be wearing a winter coat when the sun is splitting the stones, as it was this weekend!

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