Friday, 29 March 2013

We’ve been on a quest.

Mr Bach has decided, a bit like the chap on the Nat West ISA advert, that the time has come to purchase a classic Mustang.

It may or may not be a mid-life crisis, but as I like cars too I’m happy to indulge him.

Previous readers will know I like cars.  I particularly like cars with V8 engines, as I like the ‘burbling’ sound they make.

I’m also planning ahead for daughter’s prom and/or wedding as I think this might make an appropriate vehicle for a grand entrance. 

So, sat nav enabled – my favourite joke about sat navs has to be the Bonnie Tyler version, it keeps telling you to turn around and every now and then it falls apart – off we headed.

Two hours later we arrived at our destination, and there she stood. 

Head-turner is an understatement, even though she’s nearly 50 years old.

We opened the driver’s door and I was hit by that classic car smell – a mixture of petrol and old car.  I was immediately transported (pardon the pun) back to my first car, a 1974 Mini.

The current owner started her up, probably waking up the neighbours in this smart suburb of a major city.

Mustang Sally sat there, burbling happily in the sunshine, with passers-by rubber-necking to see what was going on.

She’s not perfect, there’s a few signs of age (a bit like my good self!), but she’s certainly a looker.  Now we have to think is she the car for us?

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