Wednesday, 6 March 2013

So, the mythical white hart of Brookfield Plantation is real.

A photo of Chalky, the white stag, appeared on the Northants Telegraph website on Monday (4th March).

I’d long heard the stories that this ghostly figure roamed the local woodland, but I’d never had the pleasure of seeing him face-to-face.

Yet, here he was, staring out of my computer screen, in a picture taken by a young boy and his Dad who love walking in these woods.

It was this story which further confirmed to me that the Brookfield Plantation must be preserved.

We need to protect woodland and wildlife for future generations.  We are but caretakers, temporary custodians of the land.  It is our duty to look after it, not destroy it for perceived short-term ‘gain’.

We keep hearing about the possible number of jobs that this scheme could bring to the area.  What we don’t see are actual companies, proposing real jobs for local people.

The figures in the planning application are based on the square meterage of the site, not on any tangible, realistic employment prospects.

We’ve seen it all and heard it all before.  How many empty warehouses are there in Corby?  How many warehouses are let, and then employ just a handful of people?

Ask yourself what happened to the trees in the land off Geddington Road – they were destroyed, and for what?  That site still stands empty and employs nobody.

Meanwhile, we have Chalky the deer and his herd, living in an area of woodland also home to red kite, and possibly great crested newt and watervoles – what will happen to them should this development go ahead?

Let’s not repeat the mistakes of the past.  We need to preserve the woodland for our children and future generations.  It is our moral obligation to save Chalky and his friends!

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