Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mid-Devon District Council has proposed getting rid of apostrophes on its street signs.

It says that they cause confusion.  How exactly?  How confusing can an apostrophe be?!

I, for one, like apostrophes used in the correct manner. 

One of my pet hates, however, is their misuse.

I don’t want to get all ‘Lynne Truss’ here, but I feel the need to share some of these with you.

First of all, a car bumper sticker.  As my daughter reads my blog I shall change the language slightly, not the sentiment.

The sticker reads “My cars the mutts nuts”.

Every time I see it I have this huge urge to correct the punctuation – I know, it’s really sad of me.

What it should say is “My car’s the mutt’s nuts”, or if there’s more than one dog whose nuts are being discussed, “My car’s the mutts’ nuts”.

Secondly, a local estate agent’s car which proudly says “Lets Rent”.

It should read “Let’s Rent”.

Just don’t get me started on the weekly e-mail from school which says “here’s this weeks newsletter”...

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