Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lent has started, and there was a discussion on the radio about what people were going to give up.

Apparently Matt Damon has said he’s giving up going to the bathroom until all the world has clean water.  His sentiments may be admirable, but I don’t think his kidneys will thank him.

One lady had texted in to say she was giving up cheese, but that she didn’t really eat cheese anyway – I must admit I thought to myself, what’s the point then?

I believe the idea is to sacrifice something, otherwise I could just say that I wouldn’t eat horsemeat for forty days and forty nights – here’s hoping that I haven’t been, I always try to buy British, so fingers crossed!

I started thinking what I could give up.  I’ve tried giving up chocolate in the past, but as tomorrow’s Valentine’s day and there’s a vague possibility Mr Bach has popped to Asda in his lunchbreak for a last minute box of chocs, I feel it would be somewhat churlish to tell him that I couldn’t eat them.

Then there’s alcohol.  I could give that up, I gave it up quite easily whilst pregnant and didn’t drink for a long time once baby was born.  But I’m a busy Mum, I work full-time at home, part-time paid, do voluntary work too, and I have to admit I look forward to my glass of red on a Friday night.

I could give up cheese, but as that’s my main source of calcium these days (other than chocolate) I feel that I need to keep that in my diet to stave off osteoporosis in later life.

Um, it’s a bit of a quandary.  Perhaps I’ll just give up thinking about what I’m going to give up...

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