Friday, 15 February 2013

I listen to Popmaster on Radio 2 every weekday if I can.  I keep a mental record of my score, and the best I’ve achieved was a respectable 33 points.

But before you say ‘You should ring in!’ I’m well aware that if I was live on the radio talking to Ken Bruce I would end up with a Norwegian entry Eurovision Song Contest score (i.e. nil points)!

I like to do the ‘Three in Ten’ bit as well, where, for the uninitiated, you have to get three chart hit singles for a singer or group in ten seconds.

I have managed to get them on some occasions, my greatest triumph being for Guns ‘n’ Roses where I shouted ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine, Paradise City and November Rain’ well within the ten second deadline, beating the contestant who was actually taking part.

It’s harder than it sounds – when you have some spare time, give it a try.  Even for your favourite singers or bands it can be quite difficult to think of three chart hits in ten seconds. 

But it’s a great way of keeping your brain active, particularly if you’re a fan of music.  At least that’s my excuse anyway!

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