Thursday, 31 December 2015

Auld Lang Syne

As it'll be New Year's Eve when you read this, let's link arms and sing 'Auld Lang Syne', before imbibing a medicinal sherry and cramming in another Quality Street (strawberry cream for me please).

Right, now we've done that, let's have a quick review of 2015 as seen through my columns:

In January, I talked about saving Corby's Fire Engine, the need of which was particularly highlighted after the appalling fire at the town centre.

In February, the earth moved for me when we had the Rutland earthquake.

Northamptonshire County Council lifted the 30 mile limits on from where waste could be brought into waste plants in Corby in March, and Jeremy Clarkson rather unceremoniously left Top Gear after a fracas.

April, and I talked about the protest march in Corby, and how a gust of wind caught my placard as I walked up George Street and I nearly whacked (our now MP) Tom Pursglove and the UKIP candidate Margot Parker on the head.

In May I asked what's with all this air kissing and hugging these days - what's wrong with a proper handshake?

Much excitement in the County in June, with the Women's Cycling Tour speeding through, and also the inaugural KettFest Community Festival.

I wrote about daughter leaving primary school in July, and how I wept buckets - and set other people off crying - at the Leavers' Assembly.

In August I admitted that until then I'd never seen Mamma Mia!  I enjoyed it immensely, and also felt that Pierce Brosnan's singing wasn't that bad - I'm sure he's relieved to hear that.

September saw me marvelling at the lady with the Nigel Farage tattoo, and in October we had the Great British Bake Off final, with the winner Nadiya making an uplifting victory speech.

In November, I imparted the decision that I would be embracing hygge (and possibly Morten Harket), and in December shared my ambition to one day have a pint and a chat with the fabulous Adele.

I wonder what 2016 will bring?  Happy New Year to you all!

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