Thursday, 23 October 2014

Which politician would you trust... to bake a cake?!

There was an interesting survey I read about the perceived trustworthiness of our politicians.

It was unusual in that I'd never seen these particular questions asked before, and it really made me think.

Instead of the usual who do you trust over the country's finances, immigration, crime etc, it asked more everyday questions like who would you trust to babysit your children, pay back money, fix a shelf, feed your pet or bake a cake.

This survey asked about the leaders of the four main parties in England, and then ranked them in order of trustworthiness.

My default response when I read the categories was 'none of them', but fortunately the people they'd questioned gave more forthcoming replies!

It turns out that David Cameron was the most trusted to perform all of the tasks except fix a shelf.

If you need a shelf fixing, people think Nigel Farage is your man.  I expect you'd have to hold his pint and cigar while he did it though.

The second most trusted person was Ed Miliband, except in the shelf-fixing category.

Nick Clegg was third for babysitting, feeding pets and baking cakes, tying equally with Miliband over shelf-fixing and - rather worryingly for the Lib-Dems I imagine - coming last in the paying back money category.

Which leaves Nigel Farage first choice for shelving, third for paying back money, but trailing in last for babysitting, feeding pets and baking cakes.

Now, I appreciate that some of you will think that this perhaps isn't the best way to decide who should lead the country.

But I would argue if you can't trust people to do seemingly simple, everyday things, how they be trusted to do the major things either?

I'm not sure yet who all the candidates are in my locality for next year's General Election, but I might well apply the above test to see if they're worthy of my vote. 

Better still, perhaps the candidates could perform a Great British Bake Off-style technical challenge and we could taste test the results!

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