Thursday, 9 October 2014

Brookfield - what's in the new information...

I've been reading through the new paperwork submitted for the proposed development at Brookfield Plantation.

There are items in there which I need to bring to your attention.

Contamination has been 'scoped out' of the report - that means it's not being considered.

From what I understand this is because the landowner, TATA, says that this land isn't contaminated. 

I want much more than somebody's word that land around here isn't contaminated.  I want proof - independent evidence to show us for sure that there's no toxic materials buried beneath Brookfield Plantation.

People who previously worked for British Steel claim that all sorts was buried there.  We don't want a repeat of the birth defects that occurred when contaminated land was dug up.

Also, the new paperwork discusses another renewable energy generation facility processing waste in the 'Resource Recovery Park'.

So despite the developer insisting that it isn't a waste plant, plans definitely include one - it's there in s4.3.8 of the Environmental Report.

With NCC having already granted planning permission for a gasification plant on Gretton Brook Road, and a pyrolysis plant and an anaerobic digester at Shelton Road, that would bring us a total of FOUR waste plants just in Corby.

There are health concerns surrounding these waste plants, from their emissions and also the increased HGV traffic transporting the waste. 

Depending on which way the wind is blowing and routes taken by the lorries, the emissions potentially affect a large number of people living in Corby, Gretton, Priors Hall,  Deene, Weldon, Rockingham, Great Oakley and Stanion.

But the bottom line is, how can this development ever be in the interests of the environment, as is being claimed?  To create it 120 acres of trees - equivalent in size to 70 football pitches - will be destroyed; this is a designated wildlife site, home to numerous rare and protected species. 

Please e-mail or write to Corby Borough Council by 16th October 2014 to let them know your opposition before it's too late.  Thank you.

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