Friday, 31 October 2014

Great news on the Brookfield campaign - Chalky has a son, Chalky Jnr!

Great news on the Brookfield campaign front - Chalky is alive and well.

Not only that, he has a son, a white buck that's been named Chalky Jnr.  OK, no prizes for originality, but what else could he have been called?

In fairness, without a DNA test we don't know Chalky is the biological father - this conversation is getting a bit Jeremy Kyle-esque for my liking - but the two have been pictured together and are part of the same herd, so it's fairly likely.

Local people tell me that Brookfield and the surrounding woods have been home to white deer for many years.  In many cultures, white harts are prized, valued and considered lucky.

It's a shame that some people around here don't value Chalky and Chalky Jnr more.  Their home at Brookfield, as I'm sure you're all aware, is under threat from developers wanting to destroy it and replace it with waste plants.

Why is this even being considered?  You've got beautiful woodland, home to a whole host of wildlife, and somebody comes along and says they want to cut it down and build waste plants instead.

Why aren't we encouraging visitors to Brookfield?  Thank goodness for people like Lee and Corinna who are voluntarily showing people the beauty of this area - sticking to the public right of way, as yes, we know it's private land owned by Tata Steel.

In an ideal world, and once the contamination question is settled, I would like to see this land given to the people of Corby and its surrounding villages so it can be enjoyed by everyone, especially schoolchildren for Forest School projects etc.

We need green spaces, our children need to be able to see trees, birds, wildlife, and to have clean air to breathe.

Northamptonshire is reportedly only 5% woodland, the UK is one of the least wooded countries in Europe.  It's time we valued our trees and stopped the destruction.  Leave the trees for Chalky, Chalky Jnr and our children please, and stop concreting our countryside.

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