Thursday, 7 November 2013

The perils of letterboxes...

Let me start by saying I've always had the greatest of respect for my Postman.

He's a brilliant chap, very efficient and a lovely person too.

If I'm out, he'll leave a parcel with a neighbour - none of this 'taken back to depot' on a card nonsense.

In fact, both Postmen who cover the area in which I live are great.  I often saw the other gentleman when I was out walking the dog (who's since sadly passed away - my dog, not the Postman, just to clarify) and we'd exchange pleasantries and discuss the weather, as you do.

But my respect for them, and indeed all others who deliver leaflets etc, has recently multiplied.

I undertook a task of delivering some leaflets - not a big deal, I know - but I didn't realize how much of a hazardous task this can actually be!

Luckily, I did this in broad daylight, because the complexity of some people's gates and driveways really is a wonder to behold.

Then there's those draft excluders which everyone except me appears to have attached to their letterboxes.

I appreciate that they reduce energy costs, keep the house warm etc, but seriously, you can't get letters or leaflets through them!  They're like furry finger-traps designed to grab your digits but not let the information pass through.

Then at two doors, I poked my leaflets through to be met by snapping teeth and snarling.  Now, I'm guessing that these belonged to a canine rather than the householder, but it was a little disconcerting!

I know we perhaps all take our Postmen and women a bit for granted, and indeed those delivering takeaway menus, charity leaflets and other pamphlets, but please give them a thought next time you're barricading your letterbox against the cold. 

Also, can I suggest if you've got a dog who's not fond of visitors to the door, a lettercage is perhaps advisable to preserve your post and the fingers of the delivery person?  Just a thought...

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