Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Food for thought...

Apparently, most of us have just five dishes in our culinary repertoire.

We cook these in rotation, with the most popular being spaghetti bolognese.

When I read this in the paper I thought that couldn't be right, I must cook far more than that.

Then I was walking home from school with my daughter the other Tuesday and she asked me what was for dinner that evening.

'Pasta bolognese' was my reply.

'But it's not Thursday!' was her retort, which made me think that I must be getting far too predictable.

Cooking has never been my strong point.  Thankfully Mr Bach loves cooking so he's the chef at weekends, but weekday dinners remain my domain.

My food is always being critiqued - the only one that doesn't complain is the dog.

I took 'O' level Home Economics, and did quite well as I understood the science behind food - but Heston Blumenthal I'm not! 

Our cookery class was hilarious, as we had a great mix of characters and a very patient teacher.

We made a Christmas cake one year, and had to ice it.  The teacher demonstrated each step carefully, and told us to handle the marzipan with care - and exceptionally clean hands - because it picks up every speck.

Promptly after these words were uttered, one of my classmates dropped hers on the floor and it rolled behind the cooker.  She picked it up, dusted it off, and continued to roll it out.  I was glad I wasn't going to be eating her cake that Yuletide!

Trying to get your culinary creations home on the school bus was always a bit of a challenge - particularly as I had to change buses three times for the journey.

We made a Jelly Whip dessert once - jelly, condensed milk I believe - a bit like Angel Delight (which would have been far easier).

Unfortunately, the lid on my container worked its way loose on the journey and I arrived home with a PE kit soaked in goo.  Nice.

Still, as I watch the gamut of cookery programmes which grace our TV screens - The Great British Bake Off is my current favourite - I can sit there and make comments such as 'That looks like it's a good even bake' so perhaps I did learn something!

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