Saturday, 21 September 2013

Brookfield Revisited...

I've heard it said that there's no such thing as an altruistic act - I think it might have been Phoebe in Friends who mused about it.

Well, actually, I think there is and I think the Brookfield campaign is an example.

A calendar featuring photos taken from this area of untamed beauty is being created and partly funded by a local man to be given to all Corby Councillors to remind them of what is at stake.

A local pensioner has spent her own money challenging Corby Council's decision to now call this area 'Brownfield' when it's been previously labelled as 'Greenfield'.

Volunteers are spending hours campaigning, updating websites, delivering leaflets, organizing meetings, marches, publicity events, talking to councillors at their Saturday surgeries - anything that keeps this issue in the public consciousness.

OK, the cynics amongst you could say it's about house prices but you'd be very wrong.

It's never been about house prices, it's about health, quality of life, clean air, preserving trees, protecting wildlife, looking after what little bits of green space we have left.

Northamptonshire is a beautiful county, with arguably some of the finest buildings and historical sites in England.

So why then are some people determined to destroy this 'green and pleasant land', to quote William Blake?

Are they really so short sighted that they can't see past their bank balances?  Is money so important to them that they don't care about the health issues for local people and their children?

TATA Steel own this land - perhaps they'd like to explain to us why it appears they're not listening to local public opinion on this matter?  Do they really want all this negative publicity surrounding their company?  Do they not care about their legacy?

Decision time is looming, where Corby Councillors will vote on the future of the Brookfield Plantation.

This is their opportunity to try to make amends for mistakes of the past - let's not list them here, we all know what they are.

I would ask all Corby Councillors to please listen to what local people are telling you on this issue - save our green spaces, our trees and wildlife.  Our children's futures are in your hands; that's a huge responsibility.  Don't let us down, you really do owe us that much.


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  1. Brilliant! Well said. This is indeed a great opportunity for everyone to stand up for something tangible and worthwhile...also a gift to the Council to redeem themselves.