Monday, 9 September 2013

Life skills, 2013

Life skills.

What would make your list?

Cooking, driving, good manners, being a decent human being perhaps?

Well apparently top of the list of 20 skills essential to know now is Googling.

Yes, using the Google search engine is the top essential item for life according to a new survey released.

Next is operating a mobile phone, followed by connecting Wi-Fi, online banking and only then does learning to cook feature.

Scary, huh?

Using electronic devices is more important than knowing how to cook – quick, somebody tell Jamie or Nigella!

Turning to the skills now considered to be redundant, top is darning, followed by knitting, polishing the brass/silver, baking fresh bread and putting up a tent.

Other skills thought to be no longer necessary are being able to service your own car, change a tyre and speak a foreign language.

Now, call me old-fashioned if you like, but there’s no point in being a whizz on Google if you can’t sort out a flat tyre on a deserted country road late one evening.

Yes, I know a lot of cars don’t even have a spare wheel now, just a can of ‘jollop’ with which to fill the punctured tyre so you can drive on it a bit longer until you get to a garage.

But that’s no good if you get a shredded tyre is it?

Plus, should this scenario occur whilst driving abroad on your camping holiday, not only can you not change your tyre, but you can’t ask anyone for help as you can’t speak the language, and when you eventually arrive at the campsite in the dead of night you can’t put up your own tent!

Still, I expect you can Google all that and find out how it’s done on YouTube...

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