Saturday, 31 December 2016

Review of 2016

'Eventful' is an understatement, but sums up 2016 in a word.  I've been looking back through my columns, and here's my review of the year:

Just two weeks in and we'd sadly lost Lemmy of Motorhead, David Bowie and Alan Rickman.  This theme continued throughout 2016 when we also lost Prince, Leonard Cohen, Victoria Wood and Paul Daniels amongst others.

In February, yet more sad news with the death of Terry Wogan.  I explained that I'm not Terry's Hellen Bach, but in a way I am as I grew up with him.

Boaty McBoatface put in an appearance in March, as this was the name the public chose for a polar research vessel, eventually named after Sir David Attenborough.

April came the Panama Papers revelations, and the report from the Economist Intelligence Unit that a Trump presidency was rated among the top ten global risks.

In May we had Leicester City FC winning the Premier League, and I went to the Richard III visitors' centre.

The surprising result of the EU referendum occurred in June, and The Flying Scotsman steamed through the county.

July, and I visited the wonderful KettFest and the 'I (heart symbol) Music: Kettering' exhibition.  In August I confessed my new found interest in the Olympics and how I was basking in the glow of 80s nostalgia.

September saw the shock news of Bake Off heading to Channel 4 and the Brownlee's 'he ain't heavy he's my brother' moment.  October, and I questioned the reality of Honey G and the arrival of the 'killer' clown craze from the US.

In November, following the US election result, I imparted the fact I've been wearing my 'theme park face' (a rictus grin with terror in my eyes) for most of the year, and asked had anybody got a paddle.

In December I imparted the news we'd all suspected - our chocolate bars and tins are indeed getting smaller, yet the price remains the same.  I wonder what 2017 will bring?  Happy New Year to you all!

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