Friday, 13 May 2016


The word 'fantastic' conjures up a positive image for me, as I'm sure it probably does for you too.

For example, if somebody told me my cooking was fantastic, I would take that as a compliment, or assume they were being overly polite - or perhaps sarcastic given my mixed history with culinary creations (just ask my husband about my 'Greek' potatoes).

Therefore to hear countries described as 'fantastically corrupt' is a bit of an oxymoron - unless of course you admire the fact that somebody's corrupt, which I'm fairly sure wasn't Mr Cameron's intention.

That's the problem with snippets of overheard conversations, you don't always get the full gist of what's going on.

Then, in another diplomatic kerfuffle following the release of yet another taped conversation, the Queen has apparently unwittingly insulted the Chinese by commenting that officials were rude on a State visit.

But, in all honesty, does it really matter?  If the countries involved in David Cameron's conversation are indeed corrupt or have a history of corruption, and if the Chinese officials were rude on their State visit - and walking out on the Ambassador could be considered the epitome of rudeness (I'd love to know what provoked that response - did he not proffer enough Ferrero Rocher?), then what's been said is absolutely true.

The only people that should be upset and embarrassed about it are the people who are corrupt, and the people who've been rude, not the people who have talked honestly about it.

OK, I will concede that it's perhaps a little bit embarrassing to have what you think is a private conversation made public, but as long as what you're saying is the truth, then you surely have nothing to fear.

In fact, I'd love to hear more of what the Queen thinks about the various people she meets, and the numerous Prime Ministers she's had to deal with.  I wonder how many of those she'd describe as 'fantastically annoying'?

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