Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Harry Potter Studios

I climbed aboard the broomstick and wrapped the black cloak tightly around me while a queue of people looked on - not a phrase I thought I would ever use, but something which happened to me the other weekend.

No, I haven't had a radical career change, or started my Hallowe'en preparations two months early, rather we visited the Harry Potter Studios in Leavesden.

My daughter is a huge fan of JK Rowling's boy wizard, has read all the books and seen all of the films.  I read the first four books, then had her so that was as far as I got as nappy changing etc took over from reading, whereas my husband has seen some of the films but not read any of the books.

But I have to say it was absolutely fantastic and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Admittedly, a bit of knowledge is required to appreciate the full effect, but even if you aren't the biggest Harry Potter fan it is well worth a visit.

Highlights include the Great Hall set, with tables laid ready for a feast, and Diagon Alley with its quaint shops selling all manner of items including wands and puking pastilles.

You can climb aboard the Hogwarts' Express, have a photo taken of you pushing your trolley through the wall of Kings Cross to reach platform 9 3/4, practice your wand skills, walk across the wooden bridge to Hogwarts or stand outside the Dursley's front door at No4 Privet Drive. 

The broomstick ride, courtesy of green screen technology, lets you soar high above the ramparts of Hogwarts Castle and through the streets of London.  Also on display are the models, costumes, wigs, prosthetics and props used in the films. 

And then you can drink butterbeer, if you really want to.  Best described as like a weakened version of that soft drink 'made from girders' with very sweet artificial cream on top, it's really quite disgusting!

Exit is via the giftshop, with some eye-watering prices for souvenirs (£8.95 for a chocolate frog), but overall it was excellent.

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