Monday, 21 September 2015

Could a Robot do my jobs?

On a wet Monday morning the last thing you want to see when you switch on your computer to start a week's work is the question 'Will A Robot Take Your Job?'

Yet this was what greeted me when I thought I'd quickly check the BBC website to see what was going on in the world. (

Apparently 35% of current jobs in the UK are at high risk of computerisation over the next 20 years.

Which got me thinking - which of my jobs would you like to do Mr/Ms Robot?  Wife, mother, daughter, puppy-mum, voluntary worker, cook, cleaner, personal assistant, errand runner, and that's even before we get to my paid work as a writer/PR person.

If a robot would like to take over my household chores, all well and good, please feel free.  Take over the dusting, vacuuming and all the other things that I really don't enjoy doing but have to do.  And, judging by some of the negative critiquing I often get, my family would probably like a robot to take over the cooking too!

However, I really don't think a robot could do the whole host of other jobs that I and most people do in an average week, whether paid or unpaid, and often simultaneously - can robots cook dinner, help with homework and feed the dog, all at the same time?

Fortunately working in the creative industries is a good place to be, as robots aren't good at that.  They're also not very handy at empathy and caring, so you're ok if you're a nurse, midwife, paramedic or a member of the clergy.

According to the research, those most at risk of losing out to the next generation of Metal Mickeys are telephone salespeople, typists or other keyboard workers, and legal secretaries.

Those professions least at risk include publicans, hotel managers and school inspectors.  Perhaps something to consider if you're looking for a career change - I predict a sudden rush of applications to OFSTED!

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