Wednesday, 29 July 2015

One more step along the road we go...

Well, that's it - another milestone reached.

No, it's not a significant birthday, but thank you for asking - despite appearances sometimes, I've still got quite a few years to go yet until the half century.

Daughter has finished primary school.  I appreciate that this means nothing to some of you, but I'm guessing that for those of you with children you can appreciate that this is quite significant for me.

It's the end of an era.  No more walking to school and back every morning and afternoon - even though she's been more than capable of doing this herself, I still went because I enjoyed talking to the other Mums and Dads in the playground.  Working from home, this was often my only form of real human contact during the day.

No more sports days, assemblies, fund raising events, driving back and forth to various locations for performances or sporting events.

We had the Leavers' Assembly.  The children sang sad songs.  They showed a Powerpoint presentation of various things, and they had photos of when they started in Reception.

I blubbed.  No, more than that - I audibly sobbed.  Children turned round to see what the choking noise was, while my husband and my friend's husband sitting the other side of me shuffled awkwardly in their seats and looked mildly embarrassed.

I reached for a tissue, I wiped my eyes and nose - still the children stared.  Then they started crying too.

My husband said to me:  "Stop crying, you're making the other kids cry too!"

But I couldn't help it.  I daren't look up at the stage where my daughter was sitting with her friends.  I didn't want her to see me cry as I thought it would set her off too.

When it was finally over she came across to where I was sitting, trying to compose myself.

"Don't worry Mum," she said, "You didn't start crying first, and you weren't the worst either!"

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