Thursday, 23 July 2015

Mankind v Machines

It has been reported that Barclays Bank has decided to name some of its automated machines to make them more appealing to customers and to encourage them to use them.

If you want to pay a cheque in, you use Sally, for example.

Well, Barclays, here's a revolutionary idea for you - have you actually asked customers if they'd prefer to deal with real-life human beings instead of machines?

I hate self-service tills in supermarkets - in fact, I refuse to use them as I feel that they're doing people out of a job.

Yes, of course the bosses of big companies like Barclays Bank and numerous supermarkets want us to use machines - they're cheaper than people, don't need paid holiday or don't take time off sick.

But some of us actually like the human interaction of speaking with a shop assistant or a bank clerk.

I like exchanging social pleasantries, discussing the weather etc, all the little things that make our existence on this planet more enjoyable.

I worked as a bank clerk twenty or so more years ago, and I used to enjoy my little chats with customers if the banking hall wasn't too busy - obviously if there was a queue you couldn't talk for long.

In fact, for some elderly people or those that live alone perhaps, these exchanges can become a lifeline in human interaction.

Plus, if you've got any questions or queries, the automated machines can't help you can they?

These businesses make enough profits as it is, why do they want to do away with humans and leave scores of staff unemployed?

My advice - vote with your feet!  Next time they try and force you to use a machine, and you'd prefer to speak to a human being, stand firm.  Insist that you speak to a real person, and gently remind those trying to make you do differently 'don't you realise that you'll soon be out of a job?'

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