Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Women's Cycling Tour, 2015

It has to be said that it's not often a national sporting event hurtles through North Northamptonshire.

We often feel quite forgotten about up here, as everything seems to be focussed on the south of the county and Silverstone etc.

So it was great that the Women's Tour came through our corner of the county, and we could showcase how beautiful the countryside, villages and towns are up here.

I was in Gretton, standing near the village green to watch the peloton - see, I've even learnt the fancy lingo! - fly past.

My friends and I had arrived early to grab a drink at the lovely Lydia's Coffee Shop near the green, and we chose our viewpoint to see as much as we could.

Which is just as well because they do really go past very quickly!  Fortunately friends of mine with smartphones and tablets were able to film it, whereas I just watched, cheered and waved until my arm ached.

These women are amazing - I can't imagine what speed they were going at when the got to the bottom of Station Road, which is a fairly steep hill to those unfamiliar with the area.

I imagine the climb up Rockingham Hill proved more of a challenge though!

There were a lot of spectators present, including all the children from Gretton Primary who'd come to cheer on the competitors.

There was an amazing atmosphere, and the excitement started to build when the Police outriders came through.  They were fabulous, and waved happily to all the children.

By the time the cyclists arrived, the cheering reached an ear-shattering crescendo and there was a sea of flag waving and happy faces.

I couldn't get over how many support vehicles they had with them - not only loads of cars carrying spare bikes, but roadside recovery vehicles, paramedics, and an ambulance, all of whom also gave us a cheery wave as they went past.

Let's hope they enjoyed visiting us up here in the north and come back next year.

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