Wednesday, 17 June 2015

KettFest 2015

We really enjoyed our visit to KettFest the other weekend.

There was free parking in the council-run car parks, which is always a bonus, and as we walked down the path from the swimming pool car park towards the town my eagle-eyed husband spotted a pink pig.

I jest not, there was a small fluffy pink pig tucked into one of the trees in the Parish Church grounds.  Fortunately we had read about the 'orphaned' teddies which had been hidden around Kettering, so picked it up and its tag revealed it was indeed one of those rather than one that had been discarded by a disgruntled child in a buggy!

So we adopted 'Pinky' - that was the name on his name-tag, complete with instructions to visit Bear With Me on Market Street for an adoption certificate.

But before we did that, we headed to The Blitz Tearooms, next to Kettering Library.

It was our first visit - I'd been promising myself for ages that I'd go there, and we finally made it.  What a fabulous little place, all bedecked in 1940s memorabilia, it was like stepping back in time, or at least onto the set of Dad's Army!

The staff were great too, dressed in authentic 1940s garb, and music of the period played gently in the background which added to the atmosphere.

Another family were in there, who had found an orphaned teddy too.  We had a brief discussion about our finds, before settling down to wonderful drinks and cakes, with Pinky sitting on his own chair watching proceedings.

After this quick pitstop, we visited the lovely lady in Bear With Me, who was genuinely delighted that we'd found one of the toys she'd lovingly hidden for the community festival.  She gave us our adoption certificate and a leaflet of the other KettFest events.

I wish we could have stayed longer, as there were lots of different things happening in and around the town.  It was a great idea, thanks to everyone who took part.

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