Friday, 14 November 2014

Harvest Festival 2014

I recently attended what will be my last Primary School Harvest Festival for a while, as my daughter is in Year Six now so leaves next July.

I'm aware that every concert, play, assembly etc will be the last I see her in at the local school, so it adds a certain poignancy to everything.

I appreciate that I'm also lucky in that I work from home, so try to re-arrange my work so I can be at these events.  It isn't always easy, but somehow I've managed most of them.

I think I only missed one drama performance in recent years due to a hospital appointment that couldn't be re-arranged, but somehow she remembers this and periodically reminds me of the time 'you weren't able to see me be a pirate'!

The Harvest Festival was lovely - although we didn't sing my personal favourite 'We Plough The Fields And Scatter', as more modern tunes are now the norm - and the Year Six children, accompanied by their Teacher and a Teaching Assistant, walked around the area delivering boxes of fruit and vegetables to the older residents.

What I thought was particularly good about this was they stopped to chat to the ladies and gentlemen they met and the older people talked to them about their memories of the Primary School as a lot of them, or their children and grandchildren, had also attended it.

I believe it took them all morning to deliver the produce, but spending the time chatting to people was worthwhile for all of them.

We are lucky that we live in a close-knit community, and the school is at the heart of it.  Long may the tradition of the harvest festivals and delivering the  produce boxes continue.

I expect the next time I'm at this sort of production though it will be to see my grandchildren perform - now there's a thought!

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