Saturday, 26 July 2014

The positive challenge

I'm sorry to say but when I watch the news on television at the moment I find it very depressing.

The tragic plane crash in Ukraine, the situation in Gaza, the ongoing situation between Russia and Ukraine, world events in general really, it can get you down.

So I was pleasantly surprised and relieved to be nominated to do a positivity challenge by a friend on Facebook.

Every day for five days, I had to list three positive things, and nominate three other people who could do the same if they wished.

Sometimes, we just need to do this - to take stock, and be thankful for what we've got.

It's very easy to get caught up on the 'hamster wheel' of life, constantly chasing from one thing to another, keeping up with 'The Joneses', not being content with your lot in life.

But ultimately all that really matters is your family, friends and your health, because without that you've got nothing.

Yes, money can perhaps get you seen quicker by a specialist, but it can't buy you your health.

We all have little moans and groans about things, that's human nature.  But every day thinking about three things that you're thankful for really helps put things in perspective.

Another friend of mine posted a picture of a female Great Crested Newt that she and her family found at Brookfield Plantation.  Genuinely, I was so pleased to see this that I couldn't have been happier if she'd told me she'd found a pot of gold. 

Such a lovely little creature, living happily without a care in the world.  Yet further proof why we need to protect its home, and why I make no apology for keeping on talking about Brookfield Plantation and its wildlife.

Taking pleasure in our countryside and nature and appreciating what we've got is so important.

Our lives may not be perfect, but we don't live in a war zone, with rockets flying over our heads.  Our daughters can go to school without fear and discrimination.  Our children are educated and we have healthcare.  For these facts alone, we need to be thankful, and remember that there's always somebody somewhere worse off.

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