Sunday, 6 July 2014

Alternative festivals to Glastonbury

The weekend of Glastonbury I attended two very different festivals - my local flower festival and an agricultural show.

Sadly the weather didn't play ball for either.  Despite sunny intervals being promised, the flower festival suffered from rain on both days which reduced attendance. 

On the positive side, the parish church looked lovely, the cakes were very good, and I managed to purchase The Best of Donna Summer on CD for just £1 at one of the stalls.

Sunday brought the agricultural show.  Although I've lived around these parts all my life, I'd never been to an agricultural show before.  It immediately reminded me of a scene from 'All Creatures Great And Small', particularly when the terrier racing was announced over the tannoy.

We were in attendance as a classic car run around the Welland Valley was part of it.  This involved us partaking in a 30 mile route through the picturesque Rutland and Leicestershire countryside, again raising money for the air ambulance.

But unlike our previous outing in this type of event, the roads we were travelling along were extremely rural - I'm talking grass growing up the middle, a few cattle grids, blind bends complete with tractors the other side etc.

In spite of carefully following maps and instructions, we ended up in a dead-end, and then found we'd been followed by an E-Type Jaguar, two Triumph Stags and a classic Mini, all of whom presumed we knew where we were going and had simply followed us!

So, understandably, my nerves were somewhat shredded by the time we reached the show ring to join the parade of vehicles.  Of course this was the point, when we were right in the middle, that our vehicle decided it had had enough, and proceeded to stall repeatedly.

For what seemed like an eternity - but what was probably only five minutes - we were stranded.  Fortunately we got it going again just in time for us to exit before the dog show started, or that would have been very embarrassing!

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