Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Fly tipping, the desecration of our countryside

Fly tipping - it's really becoming quite a problem around here unfortunately.

I'm not sure the term 'fly tipping' is an appropriate description, I think it's too tame for what equates to the desecration of the countryside.

That's why I've decided it's actually an acronym for 'Flipping Lazy Yobs Totally Ignorantly Putting Property In Nearest Gateway' - but I'm sure you can come up with your own variations.

There's no excuse, we've got household waste recycling centres open for most of the week.

I've read on social media about some rubbish dumped on the Mill Road between Gretton and Lyddington, where Northamptonshire borders Rutland.

It appears that despite this having been reported to both Corby Borough Council and Rutland County Council, six weeks on this has yet to be collected and disposed of properly.

Not only that, but somebody actually found out to whom this rubbish belonged - yes, the perpetrators were that stupid they left their contact details in there, along with that of their customers as it was a business - and telephoned them to come and remove it.  To date, this hasn't occurred either.

I'm not going to reveal who it is, but there's a lot of people locally who do know.  Let's just say they're harming their business by not taking this seriously - there really is such a thing as bad publicity.

According to a recent report I saw on Look East, it transpires that if a fly-tipper empties their rubbish onto land belonging to a private individual it's up to that person to pay to have it removed.

That's not good enough.  In fact, it's disgusting - why should the person on whose land the rubbish is dumped be made to pay?  Something needs to be done about it now.

We need to make sure those responsible are prosecuted and fined heavily, or better still, made to do many hours of community-type service cleaning up the countryside that they've littered.

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