Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April Fool's Day

April Fool's Day - not a fan personally.

I hate having to watch the news trying to work out which is the joke story.

I'll be honest, I thought the 'seven-a-day' for fruit and veg was one initially.

When I came downstairs, husband announced what he'd heard we had to increase fruit and veg intake, and told me that a portion of fruit and veg was 400 grams.

I did point out to him that a punnet of grapes was 500 grams, so if you ate four or five of those a day you'd be always on the loo.

Luckily it appears he'd got confused - in fairness, he had watched the news at 6.30am - and the five-a-day total equated to 400 grams (note to self cancel order of shares in Charmin).

That's part of the problem though really isn't it?

We've been told five-a-day for so long, but what exactly is a portion?

I believe it's a handful of grapes or cherry tomatoes, one apple, one banana etc, but I'm really not sure.

Apparently potatoes don't count - they're a carbohydrate - but sweet potatoes do.

See, it's really confusing isn't it?

Then there's all the conflicting advice we get too - is red wine still good for us?  I think tea is.  Dark chocolate is supposed to be better for us than milk chocolate etc. 

Sugar is now supposedly really bad - 'the Devil's dandruff' is how I've heard it described - but I'm not keen on those chemicals they put in drinks instead of sugar either.

Perhaps the scientists could come up with a definitive list of what we can and can't eat and drink please.

Until then, I'll drink my tea how I've always drunk it - builder strength, white, one sugar.  I like living dangerously...

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